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Nor’easter Now On Hulu And Hulu Plus

Nor’easter is now available on Hulu Classic and Hulu Plus. If you have a Hulu Plus subscription, you can watch it on your TV. It’s also available on the web.

Rent Nor’easter On iTunes, Amazon, Cable Video On Demand, and More

Nor’easter is now available all over North America thanks to the good people at Gravitas Ventures. You can buy or rent the film at:

Or you can rent it using your cable television’s On Demand feature. The location of the movie will be different depending on your cable provider, but we should be in the New Releases, Independent, or In Demand section.

If you don’t have cable, you can buy or rent the movie on your TV using a Roku, PS3, XBOX 360, TiVo, or any other Amazon-capable device. Just use the Amazon Instant Video app and search for Nor’easter.

You can watch it on your Apple TV, iPad, or iPhone via iTunes, and on your Android device via Google Play.

Here’s the trailer:

Hope you enjoy the film!

Nor’easter Screens in Brooklyn

Nor’easter will screen on Sunday 7/7 at 8:30pm at Brooklyn Fireproof. David Call will be in attendance. More info here.

If you could help spread the word, share this link on Facebook, etc. it would be much appreciated.


Nor’easter Indiewire Review @ The Playlist

Indiewire has its review of Nor’easter up today, and it’s a good one. Gabe Toro at The Playlist gives the film a B+ and has lots of great things to say about David Call’s performance, the morality of the film, and especially the nature of Josh’s character.

Here’s a quote:

The quiet “Nor’easter” dodges several pratfalls in its refusal to adhere to either a clichéd story of a conflicted man of the cloth, or a tense revenge drama. Writer-director Andrew Brotzman doesn’t skimp on the complexities of such a situation, giving an equal focus on the repercussions of each action. As such, “Nor’easter” rewards the patience of audience members who will react as they would in real life when faced with such a situation: who are the “good guys” and what is the “right thing” to do?

International Premiere @ Bradford IFF


Bradford International Film Festival

Our international premiere at the Bradford International Film Festival went very well. Thanks again to Neil Young, BIFF, and the National Media Museum for hosting us.

There are a number of new reviews up today from English critics. Here’s one by Kieron Casey, with more pull quotes than you can shake a stick at:

Watching the feature is spell-binding. It’s hard to imagine the film being made, assembled. Instead it seems to appear onscreen fully formed as if it was begotten or has been pulled, in its entirety, from a different astral plane entirely. Having observed this movie, I can confidently state that Andrew Brotzman is a film-maker with a remarkable career ahead of him; his debut is so seamless and so clear in vision it is alarming. Cinema has gained a unique voice and I cannot wait to see what he conjures up next.

Nor’easter in SRQ Magazine

SRQ Magazine

SRQ Magazine

SRQ, a Sarasota-centric publication, has an article up about Nor’easter. There’s more discussion here about the inspiration for the film and the decision to make a priest the central character.

Here’s a quote:

Though his drive to see Maine in the winter was his main aesthetic inspiration, “who people are and what they consider to be, the defining element of their life,’ was the other force that inspired his writing.  Brotzman goes on to say “one of the things about religion is that its so closely tied to how people identify themselves. Who am I? What is it that separates me from other people? Religion is very close to the top of the list. You have gender, you have race, maybe you have certain socio-political things like income, etc. but really I think your vision of life and death and your visions about what happens when you die is really close to the definition of who you are.“

Interview on


2013 Sarasota Film Festival

The good folks at have posted an interview with me in advance of our screenings this weekend at the Sarasota Film Festival.

Here’s a quote:

To me, the word ambiguous means you know exactly what is happening, but the fallout or intention or the effect of that thing is ambiguous.

For example, Nor’easter is full of ambiguous moments. It’s full of moments that are heroic and deeply condemnable. The priest’s entire conflict is a deeply ambiguous one, which you know exactly what is happening but you could wrestle on what side of the issue you personally are on and wrestle what side a person ought to be on.

You can wrestle with it in terms of a universal moral standard. You can wrestle it in terms of your own personal morality or in terms of your own relationship with faith in general or Christianity specifically or Catholicism specifically. To me, that’s the nature of ambiguity—the number of layers and the closer those layers are tied to your identification as person, the more deliciously ambiguous that’s going to be.

We screen on Saturday at 2pm and Sunday at 2:30pm at the Regal 20 in Sarasota. Hope to see you there.

Andrew Brotzman on Movie Geeks United

Movie Geeks United has a podcast up today featuring several of the directors from this year’s Sarasota Film Festival. I’m included – the Nor’easter-related material begins at around 11:35. Thanks to MGU for including us and for asking such thoughtful questions. To hear the show you can either visit their podcast site or use the embedded player right here:

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Nor’easter Interview with Sarasota Film Festival

Sarasota Film Festival


The Sarasota Film Festival screenings are next month, April 13th and 14th at the Regal Hollywood 20 in Sarasota.

The festival was kind enough to conduct an interview with me in advance of those showings. Feel free to share it and spread the word.

Here’s a quote from the interview about the casting process, which is something I haven’t talked about much here:

SFF 2013: Tell us about the casting process, and in particular, about securing David Call for the film and what you feel he brought as a performer?

ANDREW BROTZMAN: David is a terrific actor and friend. He comes prepared and fearless. Can’t ask for much more.

But one thing that made hiring him very easy, besides the skill he’d demonstrated in a film I loved, TWO GATES OF SLEEP, was his deep and passionate knowledge about film history. We were able to reference unique films and directors and share a dialogue about them that made me very confident that we had the same goal on this picture.

It is easy to develop a bit of a glaze when you sit in a small room and see a new actor every ten minutes. The process has a habit of convincing you that no one will ever be right. But thankfully, when that person comes in, you know, because you sit up and take attention immediately. Rachel Brosnahan’s first audition was one of those, and I’m not surprised she’s been as well received as she has since she shot NOR’EASTER. She has a presence and flexibility within scenes that is enviable, and takes her work very seriously. The longest scene in the film, incidentally, belongs to her, and she made that day on set hers through preparation and inventiveness. She is the kind of actor I am always looking for: one who makes her own decisions at every single beat.

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