Nor’easter Seeks Finishing Funds on Kickstarter

by Andrew

Nor'easter Kickstarter

Liam, waking.

We’re looking to raise the final funds needed to prepare Nor’easter for our festival run later this year, and have turned to Kickstarter to get it done. Please give our project a look and consider contributing. Every little bit helps.

Kickstarter is a site that allows us to accept “pledges” from anyone with a major credit card, and to give rewards in exchange for those pledges. We have copies of the finished movie, the soundtrack, and other goodies available. The most important aspect of the campaign is that you will not be charged for your pledge unless we succeed at hitting our goal. Right now we’re 5 days in and doing great. But we have a long way to go.

Please read the write-up on our Kickstarter page and help us reach our goal! These costs aren’t ones we can avoid, so every little bit you give makes it easier for us to get the movie out into the world.

Thanks, sincerely. Nor’easter is indeed a labor of love, and being able to finish it properly is important to all of us who made it happen.