Nor’easter Succeeds on Kickstarter

by Andrew

Great Success

Great Success

We did it! $20,531 was raised in total, including over $5,700 on the final day of the campaign. Ten very generous people saw fit to give us money even after we reached our goal. For those of you who are interested in such things, a statistical breakdown of the campaign is available here via Kicktraq, a new site that analyzes crowdfunding data

There have been enough plaintive emails and posts along the way, so I will keep this short: thank you.

Running this campaign turned out to be a full-time job and something that occupied all of my free time for twenty-three and a half days, but it was well worth it and thankfully you have all seen fit to reward the production and me for the work. I appreciate your putting out the time, effort, and money that you did, and hope that when you see the film you feel a sense of pride for helping to make it a reality.

Nor’easter is something that no one asked for, something that I and the other filmmakers pushed into the world because it felt worth doing. That is what keeps the project important to me.

Hope to see you next month in Maine.