The Maine International Film Festival

by Andrew

Railroad Square Cinema, Waterville, Maine

Railroad Square Cinema, Waterville, Maine

Thanks to the Maine International Film Festival for hosting a series of screenings of Nor’easter this past week. The shows were well attended and we even sold out on Friday night. Thanks to all the attendees for making the Q&As so thoughtful and engaging, and for sticking around – the Saturday night discussion was more than 40 minutes long.

MIFF put a lot of work into making a great experience for the filmmakers as well as the filmgoers, and their hefty (I’d say more than thirty pounds a piece) gift bags for arriving filmmakers were more than one could have reasonably expected. The Habanero Pickles, home-made alcoholic cider, and Whoopie Pies (why are these so popular in Maine?) were only the beginning of the delights.

We received some more great news about future festival screenings of Nor’easter over the weekend as well, and will share it when the time is right. Looking forward to seeing more of you down the road.