Nor’easter @ The Mill Valley Film Festival

by Andrew

San Rafael 3 Mill Valley Film Festival

A west coast Nor'easter in October

We had a terrific week at the Mill Valley Film Festival in October, and saw Nor’easter treated to flawless projection and sound. I was put up at a lovely bed and breakfast in San Rafael that had a stash of bicycles on hand for its lodgers, so I found myself riding a ten speed in and out of town to the various festival screenings and events. Given the weather in Marin county in October, it was about as idyllic as it sounds. Both shows sold out, and it was more than a little surreal to be sharing poster space at the San Rafael 3 with a few of the biggest movies of the fall, Argo, The Sessions, and On the Road included.

The festival put real effort into helping the filmmakers meet each other, and I want to thank them for that. In my opinion, projection, sound, and filmmaker travel & communication are the places to focus a festival’s resources. The filmmaker brunch, especially, opened up the whole festival for me. Nothing better than finding far-flung filmmakers like London’s Mike Freedman and Quebec’s Martin Villeneuve & Benoit Beaulieu, seeing their films, and realizing just how much can be accomplished with when one sees a film as an inevitability rather than a distant goal.