Nor’easter @ The Woodstock Film Festival

by Andrew

Ian Bloom Nor'easter Woodstock Film Festival Badge

Look at that cowboy

Woodstock was high on my list of festivals to attend before I started production on Nor’easter. I produced a short film called Small Collection, directed by Jeremiah Crowell, that played at Woodstock in 2008, and my wife Carey and I had a terrific weekend then. The weather was perfect, the screenings were beautiful and well-attended. I really hoped we’d be able to return.

The festival more than met my expectations. Our DP Ian Bloom and production designer Lisa Myers were both able to attend, along with our lead actor, David Call. The screenings went well and again the weather and environment couldn’t have been better. It was great to be back in the northeast.

We were honored with a competition slot, which made us eligible for editing and best feature awards, but were also one of three films selected to be judged by Haskell Wexler for the festival’s cinematography award. Thankfully we won that award, and Mr. Wexler saw fit to include a note with his decision, which was read at the awards ceremony. Here’s a video of the presentation, a reading of the note, and Ian’s moving speech about the production and our hard-working crew: