Nor’easter International Premiere Announced

by Andrew


Bradford International Film Festival

Nor’easter will have its international premiere on April 18th at the National Media Museum in Bradford, England, as part of the 19th Bradford International Film Festival. Screening and ticketing information is available here. We’ll be a part of the festival’s Uncharted States of America program, which has screened a number of my personal favorites of the past few years, including The Color Wheel, Cold Weather, and Yeast. The entire program is here.

Here’s a quote from the film’s write-up:

As Uncharted States is all about showcasing rough diamonds from the hard-scrabble fringes of American cinema, we did debate the eligibility of such a poised, calm, smooth production as Nor’easter, one of the most beautifully-shot films you’ll see this year. But in the end, the section is also intended to introduce the most promising new talents around and writer-director Andrew Brotzman is most certainly the Real Deal.

The festival is programmed by film critic Neil Young, who included us on his list of the best films of 2012.