Interview on

by Andrew


2013 Sarasota Film Festival

The good folks at have posted an interview with me in advance of our screenings this weekend at the Sarasota Film Festival.

Here’s a quote:

To me, the word ambiguous means you know exactly what is happening, but the fallout or intention or the effect of that thing is ambiguous.

For example, Nor’easter is full of ambiguous moments. It’s full of moments that are heroic and deeply condemnable. The priest’s entire conflict is a deeply ambiguous one, which you know exactly what is happening but you could wrestle on what side of the issue you personally are on and wrestle what side a person ought to be on.

You can wrestle with it in terms of a universal moral standard. You can wrestle it in terms of your own personal morality or in terms of your own relationship with faith in general or Christianity specifically or Catholicism specifically. To me, that’s the nature of ambiguity—the number of layers and the closer those layers are tied to your identification as person, the more deliciously ambiguous that’s going to be.

We screen on Saturday at 2pm and Sunday at 2:30pm at the Regal 20 in Sarasota. Hope to see you there.