Nor’easter in SRQ Magazine

by Andrew

SRQ Magazine

SRQ Magazine

SRQ, a Sarasota-centric publication, has an article up about Nor’easter. There’s more discussion here about the inspiration for the film and the decision to make a priest the central character.

Here’s a quote:

Though his drive to see Maine in the winter was his main aesthetic inspiration, “who people are and what they consider to be, the defining element of their life,’ was the other force that inspired his writing.  Brotzman goes on to say “one of the things about religion is that its so closely tied to how people identify themselves. Who am I? What is it that separates me from other people? Religion is very close to the top of the list. You have gender, you have race, maybe you have certain socio-political things like income, etc. but really I think your vision of life and death and your visions about what happens when you die is really close to the definition of who you are.“