International Premiere @ Bradford IFF

by Andrew


Bradford International Film Festival

Our international premiere at the Bradford International Film Festival went very well. Thanks again to Neil Young, BIFF, and the National Media Museum for hosting us.

There are a number of new reviews up today from English critics. Here’s one by Kieron Casey, with more pull quotes than you can shake a stick at:

Watching the feature is spell-binding. It’s hard to imagine the film being made, assembled. Instead it seems to appear onscreen fully formed as if it was begotten or has been pulled, in its entirety, from a different astral plane entirely. Having observed this movie, I can confidently state that Andrew Brotzman is a film-maker with a remarkable career ahead of him; his debut is so seamless and so clear in vision it is alarming. Cinema has gained a unique voice and I cannot wait to see what he conjures up next.