Nor’easter Indiewire Review @ The Playlist

by Andrew

Indiewire has its review of Nor’easter up today, and it’s a good one. Gabe Toro at The Playlist gives the film a B+ and has lots of great things to say about David Call’s performance, the morality of the film, and especially the nature of Josh’s character.

Here’s a quote:

The quiet “Nor’easter” dodges several pratfalls in its refusal to adhere to either a clichéd story of a conflicted man of the cloth, or a tense revenge drama. Writer-director Andrew Brotzman doesn’t skimp on the complexities of such a situation, giving an equal focus on the repercussions of each action. As such, “Nor’easter” rewards the patience of audience members who will react as they would in real life when faced with such a situation: who are the “good guys” and what is the “right thing” to do?