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Ray Carney and Kenneth Lonergan’s Margaret

  Ray Carney’s writings on what he calls the Pragmatist Aesthetic are the most influential pieces of film criticism and theory I’ve read, and to a large extent have informed what I think about my life, not just my relationship to art. At the heart of Carney’s work is the idea that the slippery, shifting [...]

The Grapes of Wrath

Don’t ask me how I ended up inside on the 4th of July watching The Grapes of Wrath. Doing so did seem like a proper summation of the way I live in a lot of ways, but that’s probably a post for some other time. I found the movie far more powerful tonight than when [...]

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

All I’m doing this week is watching dailies, so a brief aside before I go nuts from watching the fruits of your labors another hour: