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Production Week 4 Continued

The two days of interiors at our last multi-day location went much more smoothly than the first, thanks in no small part to the location’s owners, who we had been convinced would kick us out at a moment’s notice, but who in fact turned out to love our presence and stayed up with us until [...]

Production Week 4 Continued

The first day at our final location turned out to be the worst of the bunch, as it ended with me walking around in the rain, soaked to the skin despite wearing seven layers, and knowing I had been through several of the most stressful hours of my life. But as these nights often go, [...]

Production Week 4

  We traveled from the island on our day off to a new hotel on Route 1 in Rockland. The new hotel was more comfortable than our previous mainland spot, more spacious, and modern. I appreciated the mattress especially, given how grueling the schedule on the island had been and the amount of sleep I [...]

Production Week 3 Continued

As a unit we tried our best to take things easily for our last three days on the island – March 1-3. After our brutal Monday, and with Veronica’s car still in a ditch on North Haven Road, we were treated to the three least demanding days of the shoot. On Tuesday, we shot scene [...]

Production Week 3

By week three I was feeling a lot more confident in the production, and the fears of not finishing our days or letting the logistics of shooting on a frozen island get the better of us had subsided. As a production unit, we were certainly tired, but Sunday of that week was the last day [...]

Production Week 2 Continued

Week 2 ended with scenes 86 and 87, inside the “vacation house.” Nor’easter’s midpoint is marked by these scenes, which feature the three children in the script – a brother, a sister, and her boyfriend – breaking into a house that’s been left under wraps for the winter. We shot the scene day for night, which is to say we blacked out the windows to simulate night while shooting in normal daylight hours.

Production Week 2 Continued

After splitting our first day between the mainland and island, we bunkered down at the Tidewater Motel on main street in Vinalhaven for what would be a two-week stay.

Production Week 2

Week two began with an odd day – we had spent our rainy day off on the mainland, which meant our next day of production would take place on the island ferry. In Nor’easter, our priest travels back and forth from the island several times, so those scenes were shot together, in an hour-and-a-half window while we rode the ferry to Vinalhaven. Veronica and I had originally planned this part of the production for a full round trip plus a one-way trip, but we decided to knock it out in just a single one-way trip when we finalized the schedule, and that turned out to be enough for what we were after.

Production Week 1 Continued

We shot only one day at the church exterior in Port Clyde, Maine, which proved to be more than enough time for what we had scheduled. After getting through the first three days of the shoot and finally realizing that we were going to be able to make our days as planned, I was able to relax and keep my eyes open much more effectively.

Photos Vol. 3

Here’s an album of production photos from the camera of Steven Harris, our art director.