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Nor’easter Indiewire Review @ The Playlist

Indiewire has its review of Nor’easter up today, and it’s a good one. Gabe Toro at The Playlist gives the film a B+ and has lots of great things to say about David Call’s performance, the morality of the film, and especially the nature of Josh’s character. Here’s a quote: The quiet “Nor’easter” dodges several [...]

International Premiere @ Bradford IFF

Our international premiere at the Bradford International Film Festival went very well. Thanks again to Neil Young, BIFF, and the National Media Museum for hosting us. There are a number of new reviews up today from English critics. Here’s one by Kieron Casey, with more pull quotes than you can shake a stick at: Watching the feature [...]

Nor’easter in SRQ Magazine

SRQ, a Sarasota-centric publication, has an article up about Nor’easter. There’s more discussion here about the inspiration for the film and the decision to make a priest the central character. Here’s a quote: Though his drive to see Maine in the winter was his main aesthetic inspiration, “who people are and what they consider to [...]

Interview on

The good folks at have posted an interview with me in advance of our screenings this weekend at the Sarasota Film Festival. Here’s a quote: To me, the word ambiguous means you know exactly what is happening, but the fallout or intention or the effect of that thing is ambiguous. For example, Nor’easter is full of [...]

Andrew Brotzman on Movie Geeks United

Movie Geeks United has a podcast up today featuring several of the directors from this year’s Sarasota Film Festival. I’m included – the Nor’easter-related material begins at around 11:35. Thanks to MGU for including us and for asking such thoughtful questions. To hear the show you can either visit their podcast site or use the [...]

Nor’easter Interview with Sarasota Film Festival

The Sarasota Film Festival screenings are next month, April 13th and 14th at the Regal Hollywood 20 in Sarasota. The festival was kind enough to conduct an interview with me in advance of those showings. Feel free to share it and spread the word. Here’s a quote from the interview about the casting process, which [...]

Nor’easter on Facebook & Twitter

We have updated our Facebook page with all the recent news, and my Twitter account is @andrewbrotzman. Feel free to follow along.

Nor’easter Variety Review

Variety published its review of Nor’easter, calling the film “compelling throughout,” “consistently intriguing,” and a “promising” debut. Thanks to those of you who wrote to bring this review to our attention.

Nor’easter Poster

The first Nor’easter poster from the talented Yen Tan.

Nor’easter Profiled In The Portland Press Herald

The Portland Press Herald has a writeup about Nor’easter that touches on the genesis of the project and the recent Kickstarter campaign. The interview was done before the announcement of the Waterville screenings later this month, so it doesn’t mention those. But we’ll be screening on July 19, 20, and 21 as part of the [...]