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Nor’easter Screening Dates for LAFF

Nor’easter returns to Maine on Saturday, April 6th as part of the Lewiston-Auburn Film Festival. We’ll screen at 11:30am at the Free Grace Church in Lewiston. The full schedule can be found here. We are nominated for best feature!

Nor’easter Screening Dates for AZIFF

Nor’easter will screen at 6pm on April 20th at the Crossroads 6 as part of the Arizona International Film Festival. The theater is at 4811 East Grant in Tucson. Hope all you sou’westerers are able to make it.

Nor’easter @ Sarasota Film Festival


2013 Sarasota Film Festival

Nor’easter will screen in competition at this April’s Sarasota Film Festival as part of the Independent Visions section. The film will show on April 13th and 14th in Sarasota.

I’ve been following Tom Hall’s writing and interviews for quite some time, so it is an honor to be included in his festival. There are a lot of other terrific films in the program, including Dead Man’s Burden, also produced by our own Veronica Nickel. Looking forward to catching up with Computer Chess, This is Martin Bonner, and Concussion.

Nor’easter Variety Review

Variety Logo

Variety Review by Dennis Harvey

Variety published its review of Nor’easter, calling the film “compelling throughout,” “consistently intriguing,” and a “promising” debut.

Thanks to those of you who wrote to bring this review to our attention.

Nor’easter @ Arizona Int’l Film Festival

2013 Arizona International Film Festival Marquee

Here we come, Tucson

I’m pleased to announce we’ll be at the Arizona International Film Festival in April. The lineup was announced today, and the screening dates will be announced soon. The festival is in Tucson, and runs from April 12-28. You can find more information on their site, or on their Facebook page.

Nor’easter International Premiere Announced


Bradford International Film Festival

Nor’easter will have its international premiere on April 18th at the National Media Museum in Bradford, England, as part of the 19th Bradford International Film Festival. Screening and ticketing information is available here. We’ll be a part of the festival’s Uncharted States of America program, which has screened a number of my personal favorites of the past few years, including The Color Wheel, Cold Weather, and Yeast. The entire program is here.

Here’s a quote from the film’s write-up:

As Uncharted States is all about showcasing rough diamonds from the hard-scrabble fringes of American cinema, we did debate the eligibility of such a poised, calm, smooth production as Nor’easter, one of the most beautifully-shot films you’ll see this year. But in the end, the section is also intended to introduce the most promising new talents around and writer-director Andrew Brotzman is most certainly the Real Deal.

The festival is programmed by film critic Neil Young, who included us on his list of the best films of 2012.

Upcoming Screenings in Maine

Nor’easter is returning to Maine in one month’s time at the Lewiston-Auburn Film Festival. We’ll post screening dates and times as soon as they become available, but the shows will be on the weekend of April 6th and 7th.

Stay tuned, we have a very busy April planned!

Nor’easter @ The Woodstock Film Festival

Ian Bloom Nor'easter Woodstock Film Festival Badge

Look at that cowboy

Woodstock was high on my list of festivals to attend before I started production on Nor’easter. I produced a short film called Small Collection, directed by Jeremiah Crowell, that played at Woodstock in 2008, and my wife Carey and I had a terrific weekend then. The weather was perfect, the screenings were beautiful and well-attended. I really hoped we’d be able to return.

The festival more than met my expectations. Our DP Ian Bloom and production designer Lisa Myers were both able to attend, along with our lead actor, David Call. The screenings went well and again the weather and environment couldn’t have been better. It was great to be back in the northeast.

We were honored with a competition slot, which made us eligible for editing and best feature awards, but were also one of three films selected to be judged by Haskell Wexler for the festival’s cinematography award. Thankfully we won that award, and Mr. Wexler saw fit to include a note with his decision, which was read at the awards ceremony. Here’s a video of the presentation, a reading of the note, and Ian’s moving speech about the production and our hard-working crew:

Nor’easter @ The Mill Valley Film Festival

San Rafael 3 Mill Valley Film Festival

A west coast Nor'easter in October

We had a terrific week at the Mill Valley Film Festival in October, and saw Nor’easter treated to flawless projection and sound. I was put up at a lovely bed and breakfast in San Rafael that had a stash of bicycles on hand for its lodgers, so I found myself riding a ten speed in and out of town to the various festival screenings and events. Given the weather in Marin county in October, it was about as idyllic as it sounds. Both shows sold out, and it was more than a little surreal to be sharing poster space at the San Rafael 3 with a few of the biggest movies of the fall, Argo, The Sessions, and On the Road included.

The festival put real effort into helping the filmmakers meet each other, and I want to thank them for that. In my opinion, projection, sound, and filmmaker travel & communication are the places to focus a festival’s resources. The filmmaker brunch, especially, opened up the whole festival for me. Nothing better than finding far-flung filmmakers like London’s Mike Freedman and Quebec’s Martin Villeneuve & Benoit Beaulieu, seeing their films, and realizing just how much can be accomplished with when one sees a film as an inevitability rather than a distant goal.

Woodstock and Mill Valley Film Festivals

Nor'easter Mill Valley Film Festival Poster

By the talented Yen Tan

Nor’easter will screen in competition at the 13th Woodstock Film Festival, with showings on October 12th and October 13th. I consider our inclusion in the festival a real honor – I produced a short film that played at WFF in 2008, and it was the most idyllic weekend I’ve ever had as a filmmaker. Perfect weather, food, and support, balanced with intelligent, interesting panels by some of the best industry professionals on the east coast. Nor’easter is also one of three films nominated for the festival’s cinematography award, so congrats to our talented D.P., Ian Bloom.

The week before, we’ll screen twice at the 35th Mill Valley Film Festival, just over the bridge from San Francisco. The festival was another one high on my list when I started work on Nor’easter – a film I worked on in 2005 played there, and a number of friends of mine live in the region, so I’m very happy MVFF saw fit to include us. Tickets are available here.